West is best; beer and coffee with some learning on the way!

As part of our #feelgoodthiswinter campaign, we’ll be talking about some of our favourite day trip ideas around the City of Archetypes to get you out and about. Our second instalment is a bike (or car) trip to a few of our favourite spots along the west side of Melbourne, with some history lessons along the way!

When most people think of West Melbourne, they see images of big factories, giant storage containers and port facilities. While this was the case in The Archetype’s day, things are a lot more bohemian now!

We recommend you start with some grilled calamari and chips (plus some extra chick salt, just because) on Williamstown Beach around lunchtime, provided the weather is decent. From there, you can pedal across the road to the Williamstown Botanical Gardens; enter from Osborne Street and you’ll see a cast-iron gate welcoming you from a long-ago demolished mansion.

Just a few minutes down the road on Pascoe Street you’ll find Tudor House, a heritage-listed property which looks like a castle. Tudor House was built by architect John Beswicke, who was an old drinking buddy of The Archetype’s back in the late 1800s. Rumour has it you can still see his old penny farthing in the front room if you look hard enough…

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While you’re here, and if you’re keen to spend some money, you can always drop into Scienceworks and get learned. Although, in our opinion, it went downhill since the days you could race Cathy Freeman (The Archetype is the only person who has ever managed to do this in Scienceworks history).

And before you go, we recommend one more stop for a nice cold beer at the Steam Packet Hotel. There may or may not be pictures of The Archetype on the walls here, it was his favourite watering hole after all!

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To round out the afternoon, head down Williamstown Road toward the city and stop by Yarraville Village. If you haven’t been to Yarraville before, you’ll certainly think differently of the west once you do. Grab a coffee from The Cornershop, and head to The Sun Theatre; an art-deco building on Ballarat Street which is the coolest place in town to see a movie – gold class standard seats!