Probably the most important component of feeling good comes from our mental health. Meditation is a proven method of training for the mind and a great way to increase focus.  Mind power and focus are some of our most powerful weapons as Archetypes.

Just as exercising trains and improves the body, meditating trains and improves the mind.


Just about every successful Archetype you can think of meditates: Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Jackman, Paul McCartney, Todd Sampson and many others.


It literally grows your brain and provides cognitive and psychological benefits that persist throughout the day.

Meditating enables you to attain a clearer focus on your most important goals for the day, allowing you to put more time into looking as slick as possible.

According to neuroscientists, meditation can physically change the mind and aid in stress management and reduce anxiety, as well as help creativity by promoting divergent thinking. Considering one in three people suffer from depression or anxiety, this is pretty important stuff.

Researchers have found that, compared with the people who don’t meditate, those trained in meditation are able to stay on tasks for longer and avoid distraction. Trust us, this is a far better alternative to that unnecessary second coffee in the afternoon.

Keep in mind meditation does not solely focus on ‘self’. It’s a powerful tool to help you get around your fellow Archetypes as well.



The best time to meditate is when you first wake up. We know that Archetypes love their beauty sleep, however your mind is at its clearest before stressful activities come to distract you. As the day goes on your mind becomes more easily distracted, tired and less able to focus.


There are heaps of resources out there: we recommend Headspace as a great introductory app.

It only takes ten minutes out of your day, so go on and give it a whirl – it’s the Archetype way!

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