Meditation to help you work from home

For those of you who have been on the Archetype journey with us for a while now, you’ll remember we first started talking about the benefits of meditation a few years back, and how it can help you with a healthy mind. Particularly for those living in The City Of Archetypes, now more than ever, your mental health is paramount; feeling good is an integral part of being an Archetype!

First of all, consider if this (or something similar) resonates with you and your current daily lockdown schedule:

  • Get up and make a tea/coffee
  • Head to your new ‘home office’ and stare at a screen for a few hours (including quite a few Zoom meetings where people don’t show their face!)
  • Break for lunch – but usually end up thinking about (or even doing) work throughout your break
  • Head back to your beloved home office, rinse and repeat until 6pm
  • Make dinner, watch some tv (while probably still thinking about work) and then head to bed

For all of the ‘spare time’ that lockdown is meant to bring, that doesn’t equate to much Archetype Time to kick back and free your mind. Well, meditation can help by at least giving your mind the opportunity to take a step back from all of these thoughts and stimulants. But before we start, you might be thinking – isn’t meditation that the thing hippies and Buddhists to to be ‘at one’ with earth and soul? It’s not, and as you can see below, the number of people Googling ‘meditation’ has almost doubled since this time last year, and as more people start to realise the benefits, the more mainstream it will become.


For those still not sold, here’s a personal account of a morning in the life of meditation…

  • Wake up at normal time, and head upstairs to make a coffee
  • Before you put on the kettle, sit on the couch for a few moments and open up the Headspace app (yes, it has a free trial)
  • Listen as the narrator guides you through few minutes of focusing on how your body feels, and listening (not hearing, listening!) to some of the surrounding sounds
  • Focus on your breathing for another few minutes, while you acknowledge the abundance of thoughts coming and going
  • Finish up and start your day – however with a rested and refreshed mind whose only priority is a coffee!


In all seriousness, it’s that easy, and this video sums up what to expect in 60 seconds. If you’re struggling to cope with lockdown (which we all are at times), it’s worth giving it a try. These can be challenging times, so as always – please reach out to beyondblue if you need someone to talk to. Feeling good is just as important as looking good if you want ‘play good’!