Puzzles to help with stress and anxiety

As we navigate through the second week of Stage 4 restrictions in The City of Archetypes (Melbourne), we are conscious of the fact that anxiety and stress levels may be higher than normal. As our next edition of #archetypelockdown tips we highly recommend getting involved with a puzzle to help keep your mind at ease and #feelgood during your free time.

We know it’s tough right now gents, and feeling good is an integral part of The Archetype mantra. If working all day and watching Netflix and sport all evening is starting to lose its appeal, we highly recommend getting involved with a jigsaw puzzle as a way of keeping your mind busy (but not on the stressful stuff)!

Research has shown that jigsaw puzzles are not only good for achieving mindfulness, but can be a protective factor for cognitive ageing (in other words, can help keep your mind sharper for longer). And don’t just take it from us; both beyondblue and the Sydney Morning Herald recommend jigsaw puzzles as a way of dealing with anxiety during isolation.

As a way of supporting you all through lockdown (and beyond), we’re excited to launch the new World Of Archetypes 1000pc Puzzle, which is now available to purchase from our collection. Designed to help drive cognitive skills and reduce stress, it might help inspire where your next adventure is once we get through this. And to show our appreciation to the cause, we’ll be donating 50% of all proceeds to beyondblue to support the millions of Australians doing it tough right now. Oh, and finally – simply enter the promo code ‘puzzle’ in checkout for free delivery!

For those who want to maybe try out some different jigsaw puzzles, Headspace has a great range too!