Our Archetype hot picks on Netflix

Hey Archetypes! We know that the past few months have been tough, particularly those navigating through the current restrictions in The City of Archetypes. While looking good is a prerequisite in everything we do, feeling good is an integral part of living like an Archetype, so we’ll be helping you to #lookgoodfeelgoodplaygood with some creative ways to spend your free time at home.

Our first cab off the rank is some personal favourites on Netflix. Deciding what to watch is never easy, particularly if you live with a partner or other Archetypes, so we’ve curated some of our top flicks, TV series and docos to help you at least attempt to settle the debate. Note that these are in no particular order, and curated on the assumption that you’re in the zone on a Friday night with a smooth scotch or beer. And as always, we’d love to know your thoughts too – sharing is caring, gents!


  1. Extraction

Get ready for a two hour ride. Chris Hemsworth (who would make a great Archetype, right?) is an Aussie outback mercenary who is hired to rescue the son of a Bangladeshi drug lord from a rival Indian gang. There is a ten minute ‘single take’ scene in the middle which is one of the more insane things you’ll see.


  1. Prisoners

Another one with a strong Aussie presence, and Hugh Jackman taking a break from his Broadway musicals to become a resident bad-arse. When his daughter goes missing and they find the owner of a van sighted out the front of his house, Jackman’s character loses patience with the cops and takes matters into his own hands. Anyway, we won’t bore you with a synopsis (that’s what IMDB are for), but this one is intense from start to finish – a real Friday night contender if the footy isn’t doing it for you…

  1. The Big Short

While a lot of you have probably seen this, we thought it worth adding anyway as it gets better each time you watch it. A very different Steve Carrell from his 40 Year Old Virgin days, and if you didn’t already know… Christian Bale can play virtually any role there is. Enjoy schooling your mates with your knowledge of how the US housing market works after watching this one!



  1. Our Planet

The most HD Attenborough you’ve seen and may ever see. There’s a section on Australia amidst the 50+ countries shown, and he gets slightly more political than with previous series – well worth watching if you want some insight into how you can contribute to sustainability!

  1. Formula 1 – Drive To Survive

The banter between the teams and drivers is second to none. Wouldn’t Dan Ricciardo look great in an Archetype Oxford!

  1. Becoming

Behind every great Archetype is his partner in crime. This one follow’s Michelle Obama’s time as the First Lady of the USA – a pretty inspirational one despite what’s happening over there now.


TV Series

  1. Homeland

For those of you who watched this when it first started in 2011, there’s a new season out. And it’s awesome. For those who have no idea what it is, we are jealous. Imagine an American war hero returning home from Iraq, but Homeland Security suspect him to have been turned by Al-Qaeda. Enjoy, Archetypes!

  1. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld driving around LA and NYC with other funny people. If that doesn’t entice you we don’t know what will!

  1. The Last Dance

Yeah, we know most of you are all over this. But on the off chance you haven’t seen it… Take this a reminder and go watch it now. MJ is the epitome of #lookgoodfeelgoodplaygood – just insanely good.